You Owe Us An Apology

by Hardly Waite

Oct. 19, 2008

In these waning days of the reign of "the worst president in history," it would ease the nation's pain a lot, I think, if we could have an apology from the president.  This won't happen, of course.  An apology from a man arrogant to the eyeballs is as unlikely as a Texas snowstorm on the 4th of July.

Since a mea culpa from The Decider is off the table, next best would be a simple statement of regret from those who voted for him.  Nothing elaborate, just something like:

"I sincerely apologize to our nation, to our children and our grandchildren, and to the world  for my complicity in the tens upon tens of thousands of killings and mutilations,  the torture,  the erosion of our civil liberties,  the pillage of our financial system,  the ruin of America's reputation abroad, and the massive debt heaped upon the backs of future generations of Americans that resulted from my irresponsible and ill-considered vote for George W. Bush."  Something simple like that.

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