Beware the Vaccination Man

Posted April 29th, 2012

Beware the Vaccination Man

by Gene Franks

(Editor’s Note: The following article originally appeared in Gazette #29 (May 1990) as an introduction to Sharon Kimmelman’s article, “There’s More to Vaccination than the Shot.”

There is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if only you begin to inculcate it before the age of five, by constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity.–Arthur Schopenhauer.

The Gazette is pleased to feature an outstanding new article on vaccinations by Sharon Kimmelman. Sharon lives in New York City and is director of Vaccination Alternatives, a non-profit grassroots educational organization that promotes informed choice in vaccination.It always surprises me how little most people know about the theory of how vaccines work and what they are made of. A mother who scrupulously reads label ingredients at the grocery store to protect her child from salt or sugar will nevertheless allow metallic poisons, formaldehyde, and pus from animal sores to be injected directly into the intimate tissue where the child is most vulnerable. Most people are vaguely aware that “reactions” sometimes do horrible things to an occasional unfortunate child, but few seem to know of the growing body of evidence that all vaccines do real and permanent damage to the immune system whether or not a visible “reaction” occurs. And few know that vaccines are not really compulsory. Most state constitutions allow exemptions, but lower-echelon school and health officials seldom tell you this.

The widely-accepted superstition that the “cold” is a disease caused by a virus is a perfect illustration of Schopenhauer’s statement quoted above. We can be trained to believe absolutely any absurdity if it is drummed into our heads from childhood. If you will try for a moment to put aside what we’ve all been taught to believe about colds, you’ll conclude that what we call a cold is nothing more or less than a perfectly normal (though sometimes unpleasant) exercise of the body’s system of elimination. It’s the body’s way of cleaning out the respiratory system. Trying to cure the cold makes no more sense than trying to cure urination, menstruation, defecation, or perspiration, but don’t expect to be told that by a drug/medical/research complex that profits millions per year by waging a never-ending battle against the illusive cold virus.As Sharon ‘s article explains, belief in vaccines is essential to the “germ theory” of disease upon which modern allopathic chemical warfare treatment methods are based. Since Pasteur, we’ve been trained to think of our bodies as battlegrounds on which brave little heroes in white hats (called white cells or antibodies) do battle with a host of nasty invaders known variously as germs, bacteria, viruses, and antigens. The inner good guys would be quickly vanquished, we’re taught, if not for an occasional shot of chemical intervention by the white-coated good guys on the outside. We use the mythology of the comic book battlefield scenario to explain everything from AIDS to the common cold.

The theory behind vaccinations holds that the superb human immune system, in spite of its millions of years of evolutionary fine tuning and its marvelous complexity of which medical science understands only the most rudimentary and superficial aspects, is not able to do its job without medical correction and intervention. Vaccination is an attempt to trick the immune system into doing what we conceive to be its business. The theory is that if we invade our own immune system with a phony version of an “enemy,” the system will be fooled into mobilizing an army of antibodies to be waiting in vigilance should the real enemy come along. When the attack doesn’t come and the soldiers begin to doze, a “booster” attack from phony enemy is necessary to get our soldiers stirred up, pissed off, and ready to fight again.

I won’t go through the many objections that have been raised against this belief except to note the very convincing arguments of Dr. Richard Moskowitz, Dr. Harold Buttram and others who believe that when an inordinate number of the defense forces are specially outfitted to defend only against phony measles and chicken pox “germs,” there’s nothing left to defend against threats like cancer and leukemia.

It’s very hard for minority views like unorthodox opinions on vaccination to get a fair hearing in our free society. In an article in the June 1988 Progressive, Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman concluded that “it is a primary function of the mass media in the United States to mobilize public support for the special interests that dominate the Government and the private sector.” While dissenters are allowed to speak, they are simply shouted down by massive corporate and public-financed propaganda. Chomsky and Herman point out, for example, that the Pentagon has “public information” services involving many thousands of employees and spending hundreds of millions of dollars per year. The Air Force alone publishes 140 newspapers, has 34 radio and 17 TV stations, and sponsors 500 news media orientation flights per year. It holds thousands of news conferences, sends out thousands of paid speakers, and feeds local newspapers thousands of stories per year. The opposition, which includes such organizations as the National Council of Churches and the American Friends Service Committee, exists on shoestring budgets derived from voluntary support. The American Friends has a staff of 11.

Vaccinations are supported by the vast propaganda resources of the National Institute of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, the American Medical Association, the great national disease charities, universities rich with research money, the public schools, local health agencies, and, most importantly, the massive national drug companies for whose benefit the entire medicine show is conducted. Vaccinations are opposed by a handful of doctors of chiropractic and homeopathy, the American Natural Hygiene Society, a few maverick M.D.s like the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, who are brave enough to speak out, a few small periodicals written for mothers, a couple of animal rights groups, a few small organizations like DPT (Dissatisfied Parents Together), and individuals like Sharon Kimmelman, who have absolutely nothing to gain from their opposition.