Asthma and Vaccinations

Posted April 29th, 2012

Asthma and Vaccinations


by Gene Franks


Dr. Michel Odent, the respected British obstetrician and researcher, made an accidental discovery during some research into the effects of breastfeeding. Working at the Primal Health Research Center in New London, Dr. Odent observed that of the 450 children in his study, 11% of the children who had received the pertussis vaccination suffered from asthma, as compared with only 2% of the children who had not been vaccinated. Although the number of subjects is small, the asthma rate was five times higher in the vaccinated children.

Dr. Odent commented: “I am amazed by our lack of knowledge and still more by our lack of concern about the possible long-term side effects of vaccinations. It would take a century to evaluate the effects of the large number of vaccinations given to infants.”

The debate over vaccinations often centers around the immediate, obvious reactions. The real question–the question that is being ignored–is the long-term effect of wholesale vaccination on the immune system and on the gene pool.