The history of the creation of the condition now known as AIDS is an interesting one.  Here is a listing of some of the articles that appeared in old paper issues of the Pure Water Gazette that were written when the concept was first being marketed by the drug and medical communities. Also included are some online articles that were archived on the Pure Water Gazette’s older online site.

“AIDS” Articles Archive,  Arranged Alphabetically by Title


AIDS & South Africa.  By Celia Farber. Noted AIDS researcher Celia Farber’s excellent account of President Mbeki’s AIDS conference in South Africa.  This isn’t the version of the conference you got on the Ten O’Clock News.

AIDS Cases to Double (With the Deft Stroke of a Bureaucrat’s Pen  by Gene Franks. This 1991 article looks at the creation of AIDS mythology and the creative expansion of the “epidemic” by redefinition.

The AIDS Debate: An Alternative View, by Rupa Chinai.  An Indian journalist takes a straight, hard look at the “AIDS epidemic” in his country.  

Bea B. Sharper on “AIDS”   Gazette columnist B. Bea Sharper gives the numbers on “AIDS.”

A Dissenting View on AIDS Policy by Michael Wright. Former AIDS industry employee reveals the dirty tricks of the AIDS business

Fourteen Dollars.  By Patricia Nell Warren.  Our traditional American right to civil disobedience is being taken away.  It is no longer safe to state your opinion about medical issues.

Immune Dysfunction Disease and AIDS.  By Raymond Francis. Imminent researcher Raymond Francis demonstrates that what we call AIDS is merely one facet of a world-wide epidemic of immune failure.

Inside Story. by Neville Hodgkinson.  The eminent science writer gives his observations on events of the July, 2000 South African AIDS conference.

Interview With David Rasnick.   By Gene Mahoney.  Science writer Mahoney talks with a leading  AIDS “dissident.”

Take the Pills, or We’ll Take Your Kids! by David Crowe  When astronomical pharmaceuticals profits are at stake, none of us has any rights.

Thabo Mbeki Receives Pure Water Gazette Hero Award.  The great HIV or not HIV controversy in Africa.

War and Disease  by Gene Franks. Are drugs developed to treat disease, or are diseases created to match existing drugs? A look at disease in general and AIDS in particular.