Americans Are Now Brain Dead.  Pull the Plug.

by Hardly Waite


The Enron scandal is not about George W. and Ken Lay ... it's about us. Why are we allowing corporate money to corrupt our democracy? --Jim Hightower.

When the news hit the streets that the failed Enron Corporation, America's seventh largest, paid not one penny of income tax in four of the last five years, I expected an outraged public to rise up, demanding the heads of our so-called "representatives" who allow this to be.  "Representatives," who withhold taxes from the pay of the church janitor and the K Mart clerk but cannot somehow find a way to close the tax loopholes that permit a cynical, obscenely rich corporation not only to escape without paying but even to be eligible for $382 million in tax refunds from the U.S. Treasury!

The really sad thing is that there is no public outcry, no rage.  Americans, brain dead, still go about waving their little flags.

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